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About Us

Rehabilitation Specialists of New Jersey is made up of a team of physiatrists that specializes in post-acute care.

The care we provide is directed by a set of principles that put people at the center. We take seriously our mission “to love and serve our neighbor by offering comfort, healing, and hope.” When we engage with the facilities we serve, we actively look for areas where we can improve the care that we provide. Our physicians accomplish this through their excellent clinical skills and by being team-oriented, and empathetic towards their patients. 

We are united by our core values: Engagement, Service, Integrity, and Innovation. 

First and foremost, we seek to do the right thing for our patients, facilities, and physicians. To us, engagement means being physically, mentally, and emotionally present in the facilities that we go into and the patients and care teams with whom we interact. With an attitude of service, we go beyond the basic expectations for us and ask what we can do to help our neighbors. What we do, we do out of personal integrity. Our physicians are willing to make sacrifices for the flourishing of their patients and facilities. Finally, we are an innovative team with the mindset of creating new solutions rather than improving on old ones.

Our Mission

Loving and serving our neighbors by offering comfort, healing, and hope

Our Vision

We are an efficiently run and virtual post-acute physiatry practice. We measure and quantify the value we bring to the patient experience. We are a profitable and growing inpatient practice which integrates with all aspects of post-acute rehabilitation care.

Our Core Values

A Word From Our Providers