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Value to Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our physicians have been providing exclusively post acute inpatient care since 2002. We are skilled at understanding the inpatient environment and proactively engage with administration, therapy, nursing, and the medical staff to achieve the best collaborative patient care possible. We also work to promote the growth and sustainability of each of the facilities that we partner with.

Services Include:

  • Patient engagement and care from initial rehabilitation evaluations through follow-up care
  • We work closely with PT, OT, and SLP services collaborating on patient care
  • Support nursing staff through rehab specific medical services
  • Attend rehab clinical and/or utilization review meetings and assist with care plans and discharge planning
  • Assist discharge planning team including social services and case managers
  • Promptly provide scripts and signature for DME, home healthcare, and outpatient therapy in preparation for discharge
  • Provide documentation that helps with MDS requirements and alleviates risk with liability, audits, and government surveys
  • Help facilitate and strengthen relationships with patient referral sources: PCPs, Orthopedists, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Hospitals and Hospital Systems, and the surrounding community
  • We are available to assist, provide and promote rehabilitation services to facility residents that are not on short-term rehab stay
  • We regularly engage with primary care physicians and specialists to advocate for a facility’s best practices and promote appropriate utilization of post-acute inpatient options
  • Help facilitate relationships with hospital systems, bundled payment programs, transitional care teams, and population health to act as ambassadors for facilities to promote their facility and rehab programs
  • Assist with sales and marketing to potential referral sources that a facility is trying to prospect
  • Peer to peer collaboration for third party payor denials