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At Rehabilitation Specialists of New Jersey, our team works in close collaboration with our client facilities to optimize patient treatment plans, by implementing the most current clinical guidelines and best practices. We work continuously to improve both patient outcomes and patient satisfaction levels.

Here are how our services add value to our partner facilities and provide collaborative care for our patients:

  • We provide patient engagement and physiatric consultation from the initial rehabilitation evaluation through discharge
  • We promote rehabilitation services to existing facility residents through education of residents and staff in hopes of improving quality of life and provide physiatric care where indicated
  • We engage with patients and families to help communicate the rehabilitation care plan, goals, and setting expectations.
  • With the support of our thorough and appropriate documentation our clinical notes will:
    • Support medical necessity for SLP, PT, and OT
    • Provide the necessary documentation to support PDPM requirements
    • Mitigate risk of liability, audits, and government surveys
  • We will always be available to help address and resolve any other or documentation or compliance issues that arise in day to day operations
Team Support
  • We engage routinely with all therapy services (PT, OT, SLP), nursing, social services, case management, and administration to foster collaboration around patient care goals and discharge planning
  • We will attend rehab clinical and/or utilization review meetings and assist with medical issues, care plans, and discharge planning
  • We provide prompt delivery of scripts and signature for DME, home healthcare, and outpatient therapy
  • We engage with and support the primary care team and assist them according to their clinical preferences and guidelines
  • We do peer-to-peer calls for third party payor denials
Business Development
  • We will help to strengthen relationships with referral sources including PCPs, Orthopedists, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Hospitals and Hospital Systems, and the surrounding community by:
    • Providing excellent care to our patients and families
    • Engaging with the primary care team and specialists
    • Communicating with hospital systems through their population health and transitional care teams
  • We know how to help facilitate relationships with hospital systems, ACOs, and bundled payment programs by engaging with transitional care teams and population health. In doing so we also act as ambassadors for facilities to promote their facility and rehab programs
  • We will assist with business development opportunities with potential referral sources that our partner facilities are trying to reach and partner with

A Word From Our Providers